Cowan, Manitoba Home Coming 2010

The Cowan Home Coming was held August 6, 7 and 8 in the town of my birth place Cowan, Manitoba. This is where my Baba and Gege where granted land by King George the V to start a new life of peace in Canada and raise their family.   The Home Coming Committee ask for Family History past and present, so that they can publish each family info in a Home Coming Book.  The book was Published  under the name "COWAN THEN AND NOW   1889 --2010".  The cost per the Home Coming book was $60.00 and the Cook Book was $15.00, also a souvenir glass mug at $10.00.   The History Book Committee was Rosann Wowchuk, Janet Kyryluk and Olive Kolisnyk.  

Cowan is where my Skokun Ukrainian Canadian  Heritage has it's roots.    Gege and Baba Skokun's homestead was about 4 Km East of Cowan on Cowan East Road and my birth place was the original home of my Gege and Baba Skokun.   This region of Manitoba is very dear to me, as I still have family living there who I keep in touch with.   The pictures below from the 2010 Homecoming will show the Cowan  Heritage that I and many from this region still call home.  Their are other who have moved on still have their roots in Cowan.  A few of the original homesteads have been bought by descendants and are summer homes.     The Cowan Homecoming of 2010, brought back many people who reunite with their family roots.





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