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Skokun Family immigration  Manifest ship record from SS Barcelona, Canada Line,   Departure was from Hamburg, Germany  June 14, 1913 and arrival in Quebec, Canada July 1, 1913.   There are six family members list on the manifest with the cost of passage at  $132.00. 

  The oldest Daughter Franka age 13 born 1899  When the Skokun  family immigrated from Ukraine to Canada,  Due to lack of funds for passage for all to Canada, Franka was left with her aunt Maria Saszarowska in Budzaniv, Ukraine.  Her passage to reunite with family in Canada was delayed due to the war.    In 1921,  passage was sent to bring their oldest daughter Franka to Canada.  She arrived in Canada September 10, 1921 with Fifty Dollars in her Possession. 

As per my mother Jean (Bilyk) Skokun,   "She said that Uncle Tom helped with the money for passage for Franka Skokun to reunite with family in Cowan, Manitoba Canada.    Also my mother (Jean) said that when Uncle Tom's first wife  (Annie Chornoboy) died in 1921, Uncle Tom was left with three young children and the youngest Mike being one year old.  It was suggested to Uncle Tom that there was a young girl in Ukraine by the name of Franka Skokun,  Franka came to Canada with the intension of being a Bride for Uncle Tom Pylypchuk.   From this marriage of Franka Skokun and Thomas Pylypchuk there was three more Children all girls, Aunt Franka had some health problem and Uncle Tom hired my mother Jean to help with the children and household duties in the new house in Cown, Manitoba    The other part of the Family History is that My mother Jean Bilyk and Uncle Tom are related from Ukraine.  My mother's  mother "Myhalina (Kolishka) Bilyk" grandmother was Nee Pylypchuk who married a Kolishka and she was cousin to Teodozey Pylypchuk.

 Uncle Tom's first wife Anna Chornoboy died in the 1921 Mikado, Saskatchewan and is buried St Mary's Uspanska Cemetery, South of Canora, Saskatchewan.  Uncle Tom work at Mikado, Saskatchewan from December 1920 to August 1921 per Naturalization record from Ottawa, Canada.  Uncle Tom was left with three young children, the youngest Mike only one year old.  Franka Skokun immigrated September 10, 1921 and she married uncle Tom October 25, 1921.   This is per the married Certificate and Declaration of Passenger to Canada Document.   The SS Canada docked Sept. 10, 1921 in Canada.  Franka had $50.00 in her possession when she land in Canada.    My mothers story of Uncle Tom  helping with the passage of Franka to Canada is indeed truth.   The proof is in the marriage dates and her funds.


The official document for Franka Skokun Declaration of Passenger to Canada          


SS Barcelona ship manifest record for Skokun    details info of voyage 1913

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Thomas Pylypczuk 1911 Census for Manitoba    Note the spelling of the surname

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