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The photo below was taken on the Farm at Cowan, Manitoba, Canada

Michal Skokun 1913 Passport:    Page 1 Page 2  ~  Page 3

The name "SKOKUN" is Ukrainian and translates as "JUMPER" in English.

My Gege and Baba   (Grandparents):   Michal Skokun (CKAKYH)  and Hafia Szaszarowska   "Saszarowska" 

Julius Joseph Skokun and Rosalia Kret of Ukraine, their son Michal Skokun  (1868 - 1940).   Michal Skokun married Sophia (Hafia) Szaszarowska (1873 1948) daughter of Ivan Nicolai Szaszarowska and Catharzina Ribij.  They lived in  Budywanow, Oblast Ternopel, Ukraine they where proud parents of Franka, Stefan, Hynaka, Stanslaus (my Fahter), Maria.   After the family immigrated to Canada their was a daughter Myhalina born in Cowan, Manitoba.

Before my Gege (Michal)  immigrated to Canada with his family, he made two previous visits to Canada. In 1910 Gege immigration record state that he was a return Canadian and his first visit was two and half years prior to 1910. Original 1910  Immigration Record to Canada, Manifest from SS Lake Michigan.  (As for a prior record to 1910 will post record when found)

Immigration Records Original Copies

Skokun Family immigration  Manifest  from SS Barcelona,  and ship record from SS Barcelona, Canada Line,   Departure from Hamburg, Germany  June 14, 1913 and arrival in Quebec, Canada July 1, 1913.   There are six family members listed on the manifest with the cost of passage at  $132.00

Michal and Sophia left Ukraine  in 1913 to find a better life in Canada. At that time King George V of England granted land to the early settlers in Canada. They where granted a section of land 160 acres (South 1/2 of NE SECTION 19-35-22) in the Province of Manitoba near the town of Cowan Manitoba. Google link to Skokun homestead:

Michal Skokun on May 14, 1914 was granted a Certificate of Naturalization as a British Subject by the Dominion of Canada in the Province of Manitoba, Being a Canadian citizen in   his new homeland, my Gege (grandfather)  was entitled to all Political and other rights, powers and privileges .   This was a year after the family arrive in Canada.

This parcel of land was the new home to Michal and Sophia Skokun where they raised their family  Stefan, Hynaka, Stanslaus, Maria and Myhalina.   The only child born in Canada was Myhalina born in 1914.  My Baba and Gege farmed this section of land until their death.   Michal Skokun 1868 -- 16 Aug 1940 and Hafia (Sophia) Szaszarowska  1873 -- 6 Feb 1948.  Both are buried in the Cowan Cemetery also their three daughters Franka, Maria and Myhalina.

Stanislaus married Genowfa (Jean) Bilyk daughter of Philip Bilyk and Myhalina Kolishka of Pine River, Manitoba, Canada and they farmed his parent's section of land until 1948 when the family moved to Ontario.   There children where Melvin, Tony  (Webmaster of this site) and Bill.   Stanislaus (1909 - 1991) and Genowfa (1915 - 2002) are buried at St Joseph Cemetery Brantford, Ontario.

The oldest Daughter Franka born 1899 and she was left with family in Ukraine at age 13 due to lack of funds.  In the "Declaration of passenger to Canada", It states that Franka stayed with her Aunt Maria Saszarowska  who lived in Budywanow, Ukraine.    In assumption,  Maira is probably the sister-in-law who married Sophia's  brother Ivan.  Her passage to reunite the family was delayed due to WWl.   In 1921 passage was sent to bring the oldest daughter Franka to Canada a possible bride for Thomas Pylypchuk (This was per my Mother Jean). 

To view Franka Skokun family genealogy, go to link   "Skokun Pylypchuk"  at top page

In my library,  I have two history books for the settlers who settled in the Garland and Cowan area.   Book 1 is "In Memory of our Pioneers,  History of Garland and District 1874 - 1985".  This first historical book was published in 1989 and is 1169 pages   The second historical book is from the 2010 Cowan Homecoming which was at Cowan, Manitoba,  "Cowan Then and Now 1898 - 2010".  This second book has 409 pages.  The individual historical family information was documented by family members in these two books including cherished family pictures that where published for all to share.  The  families who immigrated in the early 1900's  to Canada from  the Galicia area of Ukraine settled in Western Canada due to free land of 160 acres.  The families who settled in Western Canada many of them  where related from Galicia which was a farming area.    It was one's choice to immigrate to a new unknown land and uproot their family, to settle the West on land that was granted to them by King George of England.   Families who immigrated to Canada settled near a related family and later moving to other areas of Canada.


New info as of April 9, 2015

This info in this paragraph is from a contact who is a Skokun Descendent who was born in Poland:

The info states that this person found a Rozalia Skokun (Nee Krett) who is my  Great Baba born in 1848 Zniesienie, Poland.  She married Jozef Skokun in 1865 somewhere in Hungary.   Jozef Skokun was my Great Gege born in 1836 and died in 1885.   This Family Tree which is posted on My Heritage .com shows that my Great Gege was born in 1836 and died in 1885.   Their Five children where  Aniela born1873, Lukasz born 1876,  Maria born 1877,  Franciszka born1880 and Jadwiga born 1883.

But there is no record on this family tree of my Gege Myhal Skokun born in 1868 in Budzaniw, Ukraine.  Present day spelling is Budaniv.      Jozef and Rozalia Skokun where married in1865. Now,  it seems a like odd that the first child being Aniela born in 1873.   Now for the spelling of my Baba Hafia maiden name,  as the translation from my father's birth certificate by Father Gera was Saszarowska.   The change in spelling is from a relative in Poland who corrected it to read SZASZAROWSKA..